Burger Project


Fast food venues have a design heritage and have been subjected to fashion trends like any retail type. In creating a concept for this new Australian brand start-up, it was important that it represented the distinctive product offering and send a complimentary message that this was something different and refreshing.

The fact that the burgers and other treats are actually house-made means the owner takes food quality very seriously, hence this is more of a professional laboratory or kitchen than a ‘pre-prepared’ food and beverage outlet. Both the spaces and the branding reflect this with a neutral, ‘soft’ industrial edge, with the intention to adapt to various future urban contexts. Playful and colourful icons are hand painted over the crude walls and main menu is hand written in chalk. Conceptually therefore, this is a simple clean space with the brand literally applied to the surfaces rather than being reliant on architectural motifs and features.

Welcoming to a diverse demographic and yet comfortable and ‘crisp’, Burger Project World Square sets out to establish it’s own genre of fast food whilst embracing the high volume production line that it is. The bespoke lighting, although pragmatic, also lends a touch of civility to low cost dining.

An affordable, quality dining experience for a new generation.