CSIRO headquarters


In collaboration with Resource Melbourne.

The research institution was dispersed in multiple sites and a great deal of inefficiencies would be resolved if all could be consolidated into one new facility. As a preliminary step I participated in workshops conducted by Resource Melbourne, a series of guided design sessions with all stakeholders of the various divisions. The objective was not only a detailed design brief but also to design a hypothetical campus designed to communicate one example of a building that responded to the multiple and complex requirements. This design named ‘crossroads’ reflects the natural interactions we may encounter in a small community, in this case literally in the central street where researchers would also share the space with students walking to and from the adjacent university campus. The various departments flanking the street are purposely designed to expand as needed and adapt over time. The sequence of structures and linear nature of the plan also relate to progressive levels of security and containment central to such a research infrastructure. Unlike the laboratories of the past the modern workplace here is naturally lit and ventilated where possible and designed to adopt passive solar efficiencies.