La Trobe University exemplar workplace prototype

In collaboration with Resource Melbourne.

“There is much evidence that popular workplace models such as open plan and Activity Based Working leave many people feeling unsupported and disconnected by their organisations. But while this dissatisfaction puts the spotlight on physical workspace and its impact on the individual, it is proposed here that the root of the problem (and solution) has been overlooked” Graham Kirkwood, Resource Architecture.

Working with long time colleague and workplace design genius, Graham Kirkwood, we set out to tackle the “holy grail” of workplace design based on some very old design theory that puts people at the centre and favours community liveability over built environment.

Here at La Trobe, we crafted a workplace inspired by residential design andĀ embraced the notion that people “get along” better in very small groups. Doing this while not ignoring some proven strategies that help people get their work done and make being “at work” not that bad after all.